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Decisions, Distractions, and Destiny

I forgot what I was doing. Organizing, filing, editing, and all mechanical processes ran together. Yet, I also knew exactly what I was doing. I had multiple tabs up and a mental checklist that I have been mulling over for weeks now. Each day, certain tasks move up closer to the top of that list. […]

What Happened to Lucktastic?

I’ve been no stranger to the apps that claim to pay you for your time. The get-rich-quick apps. The survey taking apps. The receipt uploading apps. Everything in between. I could tell a scam from a legit business in a second. Then, there’s Lucktastic, a scratch card and sweepstakes app with opportunity to win real […]

The Pull of Perfectionism

There’s a note sitting in my phone for 5 months now and it begins something like this: “You’re sitting in bed, face buried in a screen, and you can’t possibly imagine how to get out of this pattern.” The full document is roughly 500 words long and was mostly written off-and-on in the span of […]

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